Shredded paper

大多数办公室产生的主要废物是纸张cardboard. Many offices also generate food and beverage1188金宝搏亚洲 , which can be collected as part of a118bet金博宝 recycling program. Some larger office buildings may have in-house food service operations that generate188金宝搏体育下载or other materials specific to the business type. Offices also have an opportunity to prioritize reuse and donation of surplusfurniture and office equipment.

When your office hosts an event, the waste needs may be different from your day-to-day operations. See ourTips for Waste Reduction at Workplace Events有关如何在活动中减少浪费、回收和转移食物垃圾的指导。188金宝搏体育下载

纸类Shredding and Document Destruction

纸类documents that contain confidential or sensitive information are often disposed of as trash, either as is or after being shredded. However, there are many service providers that can recycle this material while ensuring the destruction of personal and sensitive information. For businesses and institutions that choose to process (i.e. shred) confidential and sensitive documents in-house, it is recommended to talk with your recycling hauler about whether or not they accept shredded paper in recycling bins.

There are numerous businesses in Massachusetts that can assist you in recycling sensitive or confidential paperwork. For help finding a paper shredding or document destruction service please search our回收者数据库.

如果您是一个粉碎和回收服务提供商,并希望被添加到此列表中,请通过以下方式联系RecyclingWorks:emailor by phone at 1-888-254-5525.


办公室可能会从员工休息室、备餐或公司自助餐厅产生不同程度的食物垃圾。有公司自助188金宝搏体育下载餐厅的大型建筑可能会受到MassDEP的限制Commercial Food Waste Disposal Ban. 回收工程188金宝搏体育下载企业食堂食物废物估算指南can help you determine whether your facility is likely subject to this ban.

Smaller offices without on-site food service also have opportunities to prevent and divert food waste from disposal. If your office has catered meals, consider donating surplus food. View theRecyclingWorks Food Donation Guideto learn more about setting up an effective food donation program.

如果员工在员工厨房或休息室准备和用餐,可以考虑与搬运工签订合同,定期收集食物垃圾。检查你的运输车或终点站,以确保你收集的材料是正确的,因为他们可能有限制的项目,如堆肥袋和用具。回收工程188金宝搏体育下载188体育官网1234Hauler Contracting Guidance包括你应该问你的运输者的问题,以及在建立或调整垃圾、回收和食物垃圾运输服务合同时要考虑的变量。回收工程指南188金宝搏体育下载Source Separation食物残渣的分类包括设置和维护堆肥程序的有用提示,包括标牌和员工培训的建议。

For more ideas, see our blog post onstrategies that help tackle food waste in the office.


PDF大学英语四级考试案例研究: Learn the Center for EcoTechnology’s approach to waste management, which maximizes waste diversion with recycling, composting and employee involvement.



PDFState Street Case Study: State Street Corporation decreased their total waste volume by 13% simply by implementing a pre-consumer composting program!