Knowing Your Waste

在联系搬运工之前,请看看您的废物,以便您知道您的业务丢弃的材料。188体育官网1234许多材料可能可回收和/或188体育官网1234禁止在马萨诸塞州的处置(见符合废弃物禁令section below). If your business serves food, you may want to consider collecting your food scraps (commonly referred to as “organics”) separately from the trash to be sent to composting, animal feed, or anaerobic digestion operations.

  • Look into barrels and dumpsters to get a rough sense of the type and volume of material your business is discarding. Identify any recyclables that are being disposed of in the trash.
  • Conduct a waste assessment to get more detailed data. The US Environmental Protection Agency provides instructions for conducting a废物评估确定您的设施产生的废物的数量和类型。您可以通过此类评估examining records,做一个走路的设施或完成一个废物排序
  • Use the RecyclingWorks188金宝搏体育下载食物废物估算指南to estimate your food waste generation.
  • Ask your hauler for regular detailed reports for your waste, recycling, and organics.


When creating, modifying, and renewing contracts, ensure that your contract provides the services that match your business needs. If you are experiencing high service costs, consider soliciting quotes from different haulers to compare your charges and services with the market. Here are some things to discuss when contracting for service with a waste hauler:


  • 服务成本
    • 拖运的发票可能会出现复杂,因为它们包括若干费用。重要的是要了解如何计算它们,如果它们波动。例如,回收费用或折扣与回收市场相关联,并可能每月变化。污染费也可能会更改您的月度金额。
    • Review what charges, such as capital investment, will be included in monthly service costs or be required upfront.
    • 了解您是否将被指控拖运和吨位费用或统一费率拾取费用。此外,确认合同期间在处置或牵引费用期间会有任何增加。
    • Clarify what the extra surcharges are, such as container rental, fuel/environmental, container delivery/removal, extra pickups, overflowing containers, waste ban contamination, contamination of recycling or organics streams, etc.
  • Pickup Schedule and Frequency
    • Communicate any pickup scheduling restrictions to your hauler, such as physical barriers or a noise ordinance that restricts the hauler’s pickup schedule.
    • 评估计划和随叫随到的服务之间的成本差异。
    • Understand how missed pickups will be rescheduled and communicated to you (e.g. car blocking container, holiday schedules, and inclement weather).
    • 询问如何为特殊事188体育官网1234件或需要额外服务的其他实例进行管理。确认详细信息,例如是否提供额外禁止或额外的拾取。
  • 集装箱尺寸和类型
    • Haulers may provide compactors, dumpsters, or carts for your business.
    • “Right size” your collection containers and collection frequency to optimize diversion, service efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Check containers just before they are emptied to assess capacity needs.
    • 一旦您实施了回收,有机物或其他转移计划,记得重新评估您的垃圾需求,因为您可能能够将服务频率或容器尺寸降低,因为材料从垃圾中转移。
    • 澄清谁负责清洁和维护收集容器(您或您的搬运工)。与您的搬运商合作,识别容器安置的任何访问或安全问题(例如,冬季冰冷的道路,架空电线,交通)。
    • 查看回收作品Equipment for Collecting Trash, Recycling, and Food Wastewebpage for more information on equipment typically provided by haulers, and equipment for collecting and moving material within your facility.
  • 处理污染和拒绝负载
    • 将材料放在错误的容器中会导致污染问题。例如,塑料袋被认为是有机物和回收站的污染物。
    • Check with your hauler to learn about specific contamination thresholds (in weight or volume), as these may vary.
    • Photos can be a helpful tool for identifying contaminants and improving the quality of your collected material.
    • Understand what your hauler charges for a rejected load. After your hauler advises you of a contaminated load, you may have a chance to remove contaminants instead of having the container serviced as trash.
    • 确保您的搬运机知道您的企业最好的联系,以便在有污染问题上接触。同样,您应该为您的搬运工提供当前的联系信息。
  • 搬运工报告
    • 报告提供有关您的搬运工收集的材料的体积或重量的数据。188体育官网1234
    • 请问您收到报告的频率,如果他们将包括关于最终网站的信息。
    • Knowing the end sites for your materials may help guide the management of your waste program. For example, if you use compostableware and your food scraps are sent to an anaerobic digestor then your compostableware is likely being sorted out and disposed. If you are interested in learning about your disposal and recycling facilities, ask your hauler to schedule a tour.
    • 报告可能包括对改进的建议your program and efficiency. For example, your hauler may flag common contaminants. Additionally, reports can reveal if your bin sizing and collection rates are oversized.
  • 发票
    • 请求样品发票,以确保您在进入服务合同之前了解它。
    • 如果任何收费尚不清楚,请询问您的搬运工。
    • 请求不捆绑定价(即,每条流的单独价格),或者如果定价捆绑,请征用崩溃以比较转移的成本激励。
  • Contract Terms
    • 合同通常为为期三年,但您应该与您的搬运工讨论选项。
    • 许多合同自动续订全职。请注意您的续订日期,并提醒至少在合同结束日期之前至少90天内登机手续。
    • 检查是否有取消配置,可以保护您免受令人不满意的性能。
    • Ensure that your contract allows you to hire outside services if your hauler does not provide them or the costs are too high, such as organics pick-up.


  • Haulers typically allow adjustments to service levels mid contract. Adjustments can include diverting new materials, changing sizes of containers, and changing pickup schedules.


  • 如果您要求您的搬运工不提供服务,他们可能会分包,或者要求您自己寻求服务。这与有机物,电子产品和危险废物特别相关。
    • 分包的优势是您只有一个废物拖运合同来管理。但是,重要的是,您的搬运工与分包商有关任何服务问题的重要性。
    • If your hauler has a bulk rate for services with the subcontractor, working through your primary hauler may save money.
    • In other cases, subcontracting may be costlier but provides ease for you as the customer by streamlining contracts.
  • 如果服务是分包,则通信可能会在您和主要举手之间,而不是直接与分包商之间。请参阅下面的通信部分以获取期望。





  • 可回收纸和纸板
  • 玻璃/铝制/金属/塑料容器
  • 叶子和院子里的浪费
  • 阴极射线管(电视和电脑显示器)
  • 白货(主要家电)
  • 一些建筑和拆卸材料(包括沥青路面,砖,混凝土,木材,金属和清洁188体育官网1234石膏墙板)
  • 轮胎
  • 铅酸电池
  • 商业有机物(每周处理≥1吨食物碎屑的企业和机构必须从处置中转移。)请注意,在2030年的固体废物大师计划中,MassDep计划将此阈值从1吨变为0.5吨,到2022。



Clear communication to staff and patrons about where materials go and how they are processed helps increase participation in materials diversion programs and decrease contamination.



  • 标牌,容器和培训
    • Request signs for trash, recycling, and organics collection containers that reflect the waste materials at your facility.
    • Clearly designate containers by shape, color, and lid opening configuration to optimize diversion.
    • 请您的搬运器在垃圾桶,回收和有机物流中接受188体育官网1234哪些材料。
    • 正确排序材188体育官网1234料。
    • 提供定期的员工培训。
      • 考虑在您的组织中建立团队以检查垃圾箱和集装箱,并培训新工作人员回收和分拣举措。
  • Reduce Contamination
    • 考虑锁定限制unauthor集装箱门ized access.
    • 定期检查污染和重新培训员工。
    • 快速响应反馈以防止拒绝负载。
  • Consider Resource Management (RM) Contracting
    • RM Contracting is a performance based contracting approach designed to reduce waste and increase diversion through dedicated customer service, detailed reporting, and program analysis.
    • 回收作品RM收缩网页考虑到这种方法,为企业提供概述和额外资源。
  • 请求回收作品提供帮助
    • 如果您的业务希望有助于改善您的回收计划,请使用RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts作为资源。
    • Recyclingworks可以与企业和运输商合作,实施计划,包括培训,标志和废弃禁令的解释。
    • To request assistance, call the RecyclingWorks hotline at 888-254-5525 or emailinfo@www.nbzhhmjg.com.


回收作品in Massachusetts program worked with businesses, institutions, waste haulers, handling facilities, municipal officials, and industry associations to develop this consensus-based guidance on contracting for trash, recycling, and food waste hauling services. In 2016, RecyclingWorks conducted interviews with nine waste haulers and held five stakeholder discussions in Worcester, Springfield, and Boston, as well as at the Fall 2016 College & University Forum and WasteWise Forum.

at 888-254-5525 or emailinfo@www.nbzhhmjg.com.

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