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Many hotels, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, and multifamily properties end up with used mattresses that need to be removed. There is a growing infrastructure for mattress recycling in Massachusetts and mattresses contain many recyclable materials with established markets. Because of their bulky size, mattresses can be challenging for haulers and disposal sites to manage. Working with a dedicated mattress recycler is a preferable option. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) Draft 2020-2030 Solid Waste Master Plan also proposes adding mattresses to list of materials that are从处置禁止. Read on to learn more about how to set up a mattress recycling program at your facility.

Donating Mattresses for Reuse

床垫in very good condition may be donated through some local, national, or international programs. Visit theBeyond the Bin Recycling Directoryor RecyclingWorks查找-A-Recycler工具to find local outlets for reuse. Check with each donation outlet about specifications.


床垫must meet the following criteria in order to be recycled:

  • 用金属,纺织品,木材和泡沫构成
  • Dry and free of mold

Futons, air mattresses, mattress pads and toppers, and water beds are通常不被接受用于通过床垫回收商回收。

Organizations that generate large quantities of mattresses should work with a mattress recycler to site either a temporary or year-round collection location. Mattresses should be collected in a干燥,覆盖存储位置with side-door access, such as a storage unit, trailer, or warehouse space to minimize exposure to weather. Collecting mattresses in any kind of open-top dumpster, even if loosely covered with a tarp, is not recommended.

When compared to the cost of disposal, there may be savings when recycling mattresses as a separate stream because many trash haulers will charge an additional handling fee when manually separating out mattresses from other waste.

Use the RecyclingWorksFind-a-Recyclertool to find mattress recyclers in your area. State facilities should work with one of the mattress recycling vendors listed on theFAC90全州合同。


一旦床垫到达了处理设施,通常会检查和处理臭虫。清洁床垫通过手动和机械过程切断打开并解构。材料组件 - 废金属,泡沫,织物/纺织品和木材 - 被分离,压实,并送入回收或重新供应的用途,例如工业填充或从切碎的木材中产生覆盖物。


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