Most businesses and institutions generate plastic materials that can be recycled. Many of these塑料,如1188金宝搏亚洲 , jars, jugs, and tubs, can be collected together through a118bet金博宝 or dual stream recycling program. Plastics that are not easily sorted at a materials collection facility (MRF) are considered contamination when placed in a mixed single or dual-stream recycling bin. Some plastics, such as plastic bags and other film plastics, or rigid plastics, must be collected separately to be processed by a dedicated plastics recycler.

什么塑料should go in single stream recycling?

Some plastics are coded with numbers ranging from 1 to 7,which identify the基本树脂类型of the plastic. However, just because an item displays a resin identification codedoes not必然意味着产品可在当地材料回收设施(MRF)回收。在确定塑料是否可回收时,还需要考虑其他因素,例如材料的大小、形状和颜色。188体育官网1234

Most clean plastic bottles, jugs, and tubs can be recycled. Keep plastic lids attached. Lids that are not attached are too small for sorting equipment and literally fall through the cracks. All plastics collected for recycling must be free from contaminants such as food, liquid, or other non-recyclable materials. Refer to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP)回收Smart MAsearch tool to determine whether a specific material can be accepted and processed by most single stream MRFs in Massachusetts, and consult your hauler if you have additional questions about specific items commonly generated at your business.

See the RecyclingWorks118bet金博宝 webpage for additional guidance on starting and maintaining an effective single stream recycling program.

RecyclingWorks developed a visual to help guide businesses and institutions on how tocollect recyclable materials in plastic bags without contaminating single stream recycling.

什么塑料should notgo in single stream recycling?


  • Plastic bags and other film plastics(如塑料袋、保鲜膜、橡胶手套、农用薄膜、船用收缩膜)-塑料膜和塑料袋与单流MRF的旋转分拣设备缠绕在一起,因此避免将这些材料混合回收。然而,许多塑料薄膜材料可以单独收集回收。188体育官网1234
  • 大块硬质塑料(例如塑料桶、板条箱)–大型塑料物品对于MRF来说太大,无法处理,但这些材料通常可以单独收集以进行回收。188体育官网1234
  • 聚苯乙烯或聚乙烯泡沫(e.g. Styrofoam) – These materials are often used as packing and shipping materials, or as disposable food and beverage containers. Although these items will often have a recycling triangle on them, they should never be placed in the recycling bin. In some cases, polystyrene foam can be consolidated and sent directly to a plastics recycler.
  • Black plastic(e.g. takeout containers) – In the majority of Massachusetts’ MRFs,用来分类材料的扫描器无法识别黑色塑料材料,这导致它们188体育官网1234被送去处理。
  • Items smaller than a smart phone(e.g. plastic straws, miniature bottles, utensils and lids) – These are incompatible with MRF equipment, since small or thin items end up falling through the cracks.


Recycling plastic film


Certain types of plastic film are generated in large quantities by specific industries. For example, RecyclingWorks often receives inquiries about agricultural film and boat shrink wrap. Some plastics recyclers will accept these materials if they are clean, dry, and collected separately. When removing the plastic cover from marine or agricultural applications, recyclers typically ask that the woven banding material and all other items, such as grommets and zippers, are removed. These items are considered contaminants because they can disrupt the uniformity of the melted plastic. For recycling, these plastics need to be clean of debris, bundled tightly, and tied using an excess strip of the material.

企业定期生成大型quantity of recyclable plastic film may want to collect and bale this material on-site to maximize the cost-effectiveness of their recycling program. The RecyclingWorksFind-a-Recyclertool allows you to search our database and connect with a processor that accepts plastic film for recycling.

Many retailers collect post-consumer plastic bags in bins located at the front of their stores, and combine these with commercial plastic film collected in the back-of-house. For a directory of plastic film drop off locations, as well as more information about recycling this material,

Recycling rigid plastics

Rigid plastics such as icing buckets, milk crates, seafood trays, and pharmaceutical containers are not accepted in single stream recycling. However, there are options and markets to recycle these materials. The RecyclingWorksFind-a-Recyclertool allows you to search our database and connect with a processor that accepts rigid plastics.

Rigid plastics are a common material found insupermarkets. 这个消费后塑料回收者协会(4月)几l resources available to supermarkets who are interested in collecting rigid plastics, including details about the different sources and how to streamline collection. These programs may be a good option for generating additional recycling revenue. For more information, videos, pictures, and details about launching a successful program, visit回收硬质塑料.

Recycling polystyrene or polyethylene foam

聚苯乙烯或聚乙烯泡沫includes items commonly referred to as Styrofoam, such as packing peanuts, coolers, egg cartons, or meat trays. Although these items are labeled as #4 LDPE and #6 PS, they are also approximately 95% air, so it is not cost-effective for most MRFs to store or ship for recycling. Some items, such as coffee cups and take out containers, are also often contaminated with food or liquids. Polystyrene or polyethylene foam should never be placed in single stream recycling containers.


EPS-Industry Alliance created an informational sheet formail back programsavailable across the country and also a下车地图设有发泡聚苯乙烯包装泡沫收集中心。一定要事先打电话给列出的网站,确认你的材料被接受,以及以什么形式。所有泡沫包装容器应是空的,干净的,没有标签或塑料薄膜。由于污染问题,可能不接受食品或医用泡沫容器。

企业定期生成大型quantity of polystyrene or polyethylene foam may want to collect this material separately for recycling with a dedicated foam recycler. Requirements for storage and equipment will vary, but the foam should remain clean, dry, and without contamination. Depending on the specifications of the end-site, foam products can be stacked, bagged, bailed, or condensed using a foam densifier. For more information about the recycling process, see the Foodservice Packaging Institute’sFoam Recycling website. 回收工程Find-a-Recyclertool allows you to search our database and connect with a processor that may accept this foam for recycling.


Currently, all single-resin narrow-necked plastic containers are banned from disposal in the state by the马萨诸塞州废物禁令. Recycling is also good for the planet and your local community because it helps conserve valuable resources, reduces pollution from production of new materials, helps to conserve limited disposal capacity, and creates new business development and jobs.



Used plastic can be made into a second generation of products, including clothing and bags, durable building and construction products, door and window frames, exterior moldings, low-maintenance fencing and decks, and furniture such as Adirondack chairs.


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