Two meetings with local health officials were held; Springfield (February 28th, 2013) and Worcester (March 28th, 2013)。4月调查然后发送到100 public health professionals, yielding 17 responses. RecyclingWorks presented an early draft to the MassDEP Organics Subcommittee meeting held on June 10. In addition, a draft document was shared with representatives of all of the major public health organizations in Massachusetts, who were given a chance to provide comments. This BMP document is based on the results of this process.


I.厨房分离Tabletop Compost

Source separation of food scraps starts in kitchens and dish rooms. Recommended back of the house practices are as follows:

  • Kitchen food scraps should be collected in dedicated receptacles such as bowls, buckets and barrels in the same area as trash is currently collected.
  • 容器应泄漏防漏(不透水)并在不连续使用时覆盖,或者填充。它们必须仅用于食物废料收集和清晰标记的目的。
  • Food scraps should be collected and removed from the kitchen/dish room at the same frequency as trash is removed from these areas.

Back of the house practices are dependent on the volume produced. Collection at the same frequency as trash is reasonable for most establishments and seasons; in others, food waste should be collected as often as necessary to keep the area sanitary and to prevent odor, vermin and vector harborage. At a minimum, collection should be every shift. Once collected, food scraps will be brought to a storage area near the trash dumpster/compactor where the hauler will pick up the material.

查看以下指导视频,以UMASS AMHESTS了解有关食物碎片的源分离的更多信息。

II. Hauler Collection Frequencies


Compost bin垃圾箱和购物车:64加仑轮式推车(称为总计)和2,4,6和8码尺寸的垃圾箱。

  • 夏季(4月至9月)建议收集在整数或垃圾箱中收集的食物废料拖走每周两次处理。
  • 冬天(去年)建议food scraps collected in toters or dumpsters be hauled away for processing once per week.


Compactors: Usually 20 yards or more, compactors are used by large food waste generators that also have the space to site a container of this size at their facility. A self-contained compactor typically has a chute with a door leading from a loading dock or from the inside of a building to feed it and has no area open to the air.

  • 夏季(4月至9月),建议在压实机中收集的食物废物拖走每周一次加工。188金宝搏体育下载
  • 冬天(去年)建议food waste collected in compactors be hauled away for processing once per week.



Type and location of containers will vary. There is also considerable variability in local trash area requirements and space availability, especially between dense urban centers and less dense or space constrained areas.

  1. Storage: Outdoor storage surfaces should be nonabsorbent (concrete or asphalt), smooth, and durable and sloped to drain. Some communities require trash/recycling areas to be fenced in or otherwise out of view. It is best for businesses/institutions to check with the local Health Department to determine if this is required. The storage area must be maintained in good repair, clearly marked with no-parking signs, easily cleanable and if necessary/possible, enclosed by fencing to contain wind-blown litter. No food debris, residue should be outside of the containers, and no unnecessary items should clutter the storage area.
  2. Container Maintenance:Dumpsters,推车或压实机应是可封闭且可清洁的,无泄漏,水紧,能够被锁定。所有门/舱口/紧身盖子应在不立即使用时关闭或安装在适当的情况下,以防止害虫进入容器。塑料袋和湿强度纸袋可用于排列封闭的外部容器。
  3. 清洁:推车,垃圾箱,压实机和其他垃圾箱应该经常清洁,以防止异味和其他害虫/矢量景点。高压泵,热水,蒸汽和洗涤剂是应根据需要使用的清洁材料。188体育官网1234